Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney

Before you hire an attorney to handle your personal injury case, ask lots of questions. With the wrong lawyer, your case is affected and you may not get the results that you want. It is easy to ask potential attorneys questions to learn if they have what you need to win your case. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

1- Do You Specialize in my Case Type?

You want a personal injury attorney detroit who handles your specific type of case. He should have courtroom, winning experience. Although any attorney possesses the knowledge to represent any matter, some specialize in handling specific areas of the law and offer expertise that an ordinary attorney does not.

2- How Long Have You Practiced Law?

Do not choose a lawyer who is fresh out of law school. Yes, they’re eager but lack the expertise and comfort as an experienced professional.

3- What is Your Representation Style?

Do you want an aggressive attorney or someone who is laid back and calm? Most attorneys consider themselves aggressive fighters who go tooth and nail to win their client’s case. Some fight for their client’s case using a less aggressive approach than others however. If this is important to your case, inquire of their representation style ahead of retaining them for services.

4- What is the Total Costs?

Attorneys may charge hourly or flat rate fees for their services. Find out how the attorney charges and make sure you know costs before you hire.

5- How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

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Some legal matters are handled quicker than some cases. A divorce takes an average of six months to complete but can take years, depending on the situation. On the other hand, a criminal case involving a minor infraction is likely headed to court within a few weeks of time.